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Cover image by Matt Syres: 2015 Human Rights Medal winner Peter Greste with Nene Manasseh, representing the Racism. It Stops with Me 2015 Award winners, Tasmanian Students Against Racism.

Annual Report 2015-2016

The report has been prepared pursuant to section 45 of the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 and in accordance with the requirements of section 70 of the Public Service Act 1999 and section 46 of the Public Governance, Performance and...
Federal Discrimination Law 2016

Federal Discrimination Law 2016

Federal Discrimination Law is produced by the Commission’s legal section and provides an overview of the federal unlawful discrimination laws and examines the significant issues that have arisen in the federal unlawful discrimination cases.
image from 2016 quiz - what human rights do I have?

An Introduction to Human Rights and Responsibilities (2016)

This resource has been designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard but can also be used on any internet enabled device, including a computer or tablet hooked up to a data projector.
Pathways to Protection: A human rights-based response to the flight of asylum seekers by sea report 2016 cover image

Pathways to Protection: A human rights-based response to the flight of asylum seekers by sea

President’s introductionAustralia’s policy of sending asylum seekers and refugees to Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island for processing of their claims has been one of the most contentious aspects of Australia’s migration policies.Introduced...
cover of 2016-2017 Corporate Plan - person climbing a wall

Corporate Plan: 2016 - 2017

This Corporate Plan sets out the strategic goals and priorities of the Australian Human Rights Commission (the Commission). It creates an explicit connection between our purpose, corporate goals, operational environment, key activities and annual...
Cover of Access for All (2016)

Access for all: Improving accessibility for consumers with disability (2016)

This resource provides practical tips for businesses on improving access to goods, services, facilities, premises and information for consumers with disability. Following these tips will not only reduce the likelihood of discrimination complaints...
Cover of Leading for Change Report (2016) - multi-cultural people walking around CBD area

Leading for Change: A blueprint for cultural diversity and inclusive leadership (2016)

Leading for Change starts the conversation about improving the representation of cultural diversity within Australian leadership. It provides guidance for how organisations can nurture leadership that is fit for our multicultural society and our...
Willing to Work - Employer Good Practices Cover

Willing to Work: Good Practice Examples for Employers (2016)

Some employers, particularly small businesses, told us that they would have liked to do more to hire and retain employees with disability and older employees, but were time-poor and had limited resources and access to information. For this reason,...