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man behind chain fence. OPCAT in Australia Stage 2 consultation paper

OPCAT in Australia. Consultation Paper: Stage 2

In this second stage of consultation with civil society, the Commission invites comments on the proposals set out in the Interim Report, as well as a further set of questions regarding how OPCAT should be implemented in Australia. The two stages of...
Cover of the 2017 Children's Rights Report - toddler with paint on feet

Children’s Rights Report 2017

This report outlines work the National Children's Commissioner has undertaken throughout 2016-17 to promote the human rights of children and young people in Australia. This year the major project has focused on the rights and needs of young parents...
Cover of What Does The Child Rights Report 2017 say? toddler feet, playing in paint, inside neon star

What does the Children's Rights Report 2017 say?

Hi! I’m Megan Mitchell, the National Children’s Commissioner. My job is to protect the rights of all children and young people in Australia and make sure you get the help you need to be safe and healthy. Every year I write a report to the Australian...
Close the Gap 10 Year Review

Close The Gap - 10 Year Review (2018)

Ten-years after its commencement, it is time to critically reflect on why Australian governments have not yet succeeded in closing the health gap to date, and why they will not succeed by 2030 if the current course continues.
Report cover - Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre Inspection Report

Inspection of Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre Report

This report contains an overview of key observations and recommendations arising from the Australian Human Rights Commission’s inspection of the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre ("YHIDC") in May 2017.