Friday 14 December 2018

On 14 December 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission announced a new major project: ‘Free and Equal in Dignity and Rights: A national conversation on human rights’.

The national conversation will ask the community: What makes an effective system of human rights protection for 21st century Australia?

We want to hear different perspectives on how we can ensure that:

  • the community understands human rights and is able to protect them (for themselves and others)
  • communities are resilient and a protective factor against human rights violations
  • law and policy makers explicitly consider the impact on human rights of their decisions and are accountable for this impact
  • robust institutions exist to promote and protect human rights
  • government and the community can work together to fully realise human rights—understanding the respective role of each other
  • public servants, and contracted service providers, see the protection of human rights as core business in exercising their functions
  • other issues that are identified as priorities for human rights protection by the Australian community are addressed.

National Summit on human rights

As the centre-piece of the project, the Commission will convene a National Human Rights Summit in mid-2019.

More information about the project will be announced in early 2019.

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For the terms of reference for the project click here.



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infographic what makes an effective system of human rights protection