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1981-86 Human Rights Commission: discussion papers

Rights Rights and Freedoms
Sunday 5 May, 2013

Australia's first federal Human Rights Commission was established by the Fraser Government under the Human Rights Commission Act 1981. This Act included a sunset clause (section 36) under which the first Commission ceased operation in mid 1986. 

The first Commission was replaced by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (now renamed as the Australian Human Rights Commission) in December 1986. 

The first Commission was a distinct statutory body from the current Commission. It should not be assumed that the present Commission necessarily endorses views expressed by or on behalf of the first Commission in every respect.

Reports and discussion papers issued by the first Commission are being added to this site (subject to availability of  resources for digitisation of paper versions) for research and historical purposes.

Discussion papers

Discussion Paper No. 1: Corporal punishment in schools and the rights of the child (Word) or  PDF (March 1983)

Discussion Paper No. 2: Payment of award wages on Aboriginal reserves in Queensland (Word)  or PDF (August 1983)

Discussion Paper No. 3: Proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act concerning racial defamation (Word) or  PDF (September 1983)
Discussion Paper No. 4: Ethical and legal issues in guardianship options for intellectually disadvantaged people (Word) or PDF (November 1983)
Discussion Paper No. 5: Rights of relinquishing mothers to access to information concerning their adopted children (Word) or PDF (July 1984)
Discussion Paper No. 6: Guardianship and the rights of intellectually disadvantaged people (Word) or PDF  (November 1984)
Discussion Paper No. 7: The aspirations of Aborigines living at Yarrabah in relation to local management and human rights (Word) or PDF (March 1986)
Discussion Paper No. 8: Prostitution and human rights: a Western Australian case study (Word) or PDF (June 1986)
Discussion Paper No. 9: Refugees' experience of anti-Asian sentiment in the Brisbane area (Word)  or PDF (July 1986)
Discussion Paper No. 10: Enduring a lot: the effects of the school system on students with non-English-speaking backgrounds (Word) or PDF (September 1986)
Discussion Paper No. 11: Affirmative action for people with disabilities (Word)  or PDF (October 1986)
Discussion Paper No. 12: Rights of hearing-impaired in the workplace (Word) or PDF (November 1986)
Discussion Paper No. 13: Aborigines, local government and in Western Australia (Word)  or PDF
Discussion Paper No. 14: Beyond good intentions: combating prejudice in schools (Word)  or PDF

Discussion Paper No.15: Alternative accommodation for intellectually disadvantaged persons: a study in human rights and discrimination (Word) or PDF