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Australia adds its human rights expertise to UN Council

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Australia’s election to the United Nations Human Rights Council acknowledges the expertise and leadership Australia brings to international human rights, according to the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Rosalind Croucher.

Speaking after the UN General Assembly announced Australia as a new member of the 47-seat Human Rights Council, Emeritus Professor Croucher said the UN decision recognises Australia’s capacity to influence global human rights and to play an important role in the Asia Pacific region.

“The UN decision acknowledges Australia’s human rights expertise,” Emeritus Professor Croucher said.

“It also acknowledges our capacity to influence important international human rights issues such as gender equality, Indigenous rights and disability access.

“Australia has been part of the United Nations from the outset. We were one of the original 26 signatories of the 1942 Declaration of the United Nations.

“We have a long history of involvement with and support for the UN and its objectives."

In its bid for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, Australia nominated five areas where it could advance human rights in practical and sensible ways.

Those areas are gender equality, good governance, freedom of expression, the rights of Indigenous peoples, and strong national human rights institutions.

“The Australian Human Rights Commission supports those goals. We will continue to work with Australian and international governments to ensure human rights are protected and advanced for everyone, everywhere and everyday," Emeritus Professor Croucher said.

“As part of our role, we will continue to monitor and assess governments against the commitments made to the international community in signing up to the international treaties that set the benchmark for human rights.”

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