Alternative Dispute Resolution in the context of Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Law(2000)

The aim of this paper is to examine the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution [3] (ADR) in the context of the administration of complaints under anti-discrimination and human rights law.
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Review of Immigration Detention Centres (1999)

Findings of the Human Rights Commissioner after inspecting four immigration detention centres in 1998-99.
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New Country, New Stories (1999)

People from all over the world have come to Australia either of their own volition as migrants, or as refugees to escape human rights violations in their former homelands. While their reasons for coming may differ, once here, they share the same...

Norfolk Island's Immigration Act and human rights

During 1997-98, in response to four complaints, the Commission conducted an inquiry into Norfolk Island's Immigration Act 1980. Norfolk Island is a territory of the Commonwealth and the only inhabited external territory not covered by the...
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Developing an effective DDA Action Plan

Developing an Action Plan for a small business need not be an onerous or time consuming activity. While a large organisation with branches in several states may have an Action Plan of 20 or 30 pages a small business may well be able to address all...

Social Justice Report 1998

Social Justice Report 1998DownloadSocial Justice Report 1998 in PDF (420K), Word (475K)
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The Sterilisation of Girls and Young Women in Australia

The legal framework regulating sterilisation of children in Australia was set out by the High Court in Marion's Case in 1992
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FounDDAtions: Reflections on the first five years of the Disability Discrimination Act in Australia

As I reach the end of my appointment as the first Disability Discrimination Commissioner, and in the light of proposed structural and funding changes to the Commission, I am drawn to reflect upon the theory and practice, challenges and developments...
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The Overlooked Consumers – 20% of the Australian Population with Disabilities and Older People

Every day, one in five Australians experiences difficulties or frustrations in performing everyday tasks with everyday things, such as consumer electronics and appliances. As technology develops, an increasing proportion of products are...