University students in lecture theatre (stock photo)

University sexual assault and sexual harassment project

The Australian Human Rights Commission has undertaken a National University Student Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.
Tuesday 19 December 2017
Conversation in Gender Equality

A conversation in gender equality 2017

A conversation in gender equality shares some of the common themes that emerged during the Commissioner’s consultations with more 1,000 people from every state and territory in Australia.The consultations focused on engaging with people from a...
Wednesday 8 March 2017
Accelerating the advancement of women in leadership

Male Champions of Change

In April 2010, Commissioner Broderick was instrumental in bringing together some of Australia’s most influential and diverse male CEOs and Chairpersons to form the Male Champions of Change group. The group aims to use their individual and collective...
Tuesday 1 March 2016
Supporting Working Parents - view project

Supporting Working Parents website and online resources

A website and online resources for employers and employees that outlines rights and obligations in the workplace related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to
Friday 15 January 2016

Collaboration for Cultural Reform in Defence

The Australian Human Rights Commission (the Commission) and Defence have engaged in a collaboration to meet the intent of cultural reform across Defence.The Commission is collaborating with Defence to provide advice and support on the progress of...
Friday 6 March 2015
UN Women screenshot

Violence against women

Violence against women continues to be one of the most prevalent human rights abuses in Australia, and around the world.
Tuesday 25 November 2014
Pregnant lady sitting in front of her laptop with hand over her baby bump

Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review

Discrimination relating to pregnancy at work and return to work after parental leave
Friday 31 October 2014
Sexual Harassment. Know Where the Line Is.

Sexual Harassment. Know Where the Line Is.

Despite being outlawed for over 25 years, sexual harassment remains a problem in our workplaces
Wednesday 21 May 2014
Four women of various ages watching a sunrise

Strengthening National Gender Equality Laws, Agencies and Monitoring

Sex discrimination remains a harsh reality for many Australian women, who continue to experience unfair treatment in the workplace and other spheres of life.
Friday 19 July 2013
Banner: Women in male-dominated industries: A toolkit of strategies.

Women in male-dominated industries: A toolkit of strategies

This toolkit is designed to assist leaders in organisations to develop and implement constructive and sustainable strategies to increase the representation of women in non-traditional roles in male-dominated industries.
Tuesday 21 May 2013