Summary publication

The Trainer’s Manual and Learner Guide feature everything needed to cover the learning outcomes for this unit of competency and include: comprehensive background information, individual and group activities, case studies and links to further reading.

The teaching topics within the Trainer’s Manual are available for individual download, to allow trainers to teach the unit content in the order of their choosing.

Please note: When delivering this unit of competency, use the Trainer’s Manual and Learner Guide in the same file format to ensure that the page numbers between the two documents correspond. (For example, if delivering this training using the PDF Trainer Manual, be sure to provide learners with the PDF version of the Learner Guide). You will need both the Trainer Manual and Learner Guide to deliver this unit of competancy.

Be aware that PDF documents are not fully accessible to people with a print disability, such as people who are blind or vision impaired. In this instance, ensure that you use the WORD versions of both the Trainer’s Manual and Learner Guide.

PDF Downloads

Word Downloads