Summary publication

Translated versions of the report can be found here.


The Hon Susan Ryan AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner, July 2013

Australian Human Rights Commission


The idea for this publication came about when I realised how complex it is to navigate the services, supports and the decisions that are part of retirement.

Retirement is definitely a time for careful planning and for being well informed about what is available.

For many people it is hard to know where to start and what to plan. There is income support, health and aged care, senior’s cards, financial planning, superannuation, housing and rent assistance, to name a few. And to find out about each different topic you have to contact a different government department or other service.

Your Rights at Retirement gives you plenty of information in one booklet. It aims to guide you and prompt you to think about the decisions you should be making or planning for the future. It encourages you to plan your retirement finances so there are no unwanted surprises. It gives you information about developing internet skills and tips about how to avoid scams.

I hope this publication becomes a one-stop-shop reference guide, where you can find the phone numbers and contact details of the many and various services out there.

It is not an authority on any one topic. Rather it is a beginning point. I encourage you to browse the contents and even read it from cover to cover. I guarantee you will learn about new services, processes and procedures.

Australia is lucky to have so many services and supports for older people. These help us to realise our human right to respect and dignity as we age.

I hope Your Rights at Retirement assists you to find the services that meet your needs so that you can enjoy retirement and make the most of this phase of life.