Highlights video from the Social Justice and Native Title launch 2011 (2011...

Commissioner Gooda takes an in-depth look at lateral violence and its debilitating impact on the relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples in this year’s Social Justice and Native Title Reports.
Monday 12 December 2011

Human rights advocates get their moment to shine (2011 News)

Commission President Catherine Branson QC congratulated the Medallists and all winners for their extraordinary efforts in protecting and promoting human rights in Australia.
Friday 9 December 2011

Commission launches exciting new social media initiative (2011 News)

The innovative online initiative was revealed at the Human Rights Awards 2011 in Sydney and aims to build understanding and respect for human rights in Australia.
Friday 9 December 2011

New age discrimination report important (2011 News)

Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan, said that National Seniors' new report, Stereotype Threat and Mature Age Workers, provides clear evidence that age discrimination has a negative impact on the employment experiences of older workers.
Thursday 8 December 2011

Photo comp draws to a close with November and overall winners announced (2011...

Sean says the photo was taken during the Alpurrurulam lantern parade last year as part of the community’s holiday program where the local children made lanterns and paraded them at the end of the week.
Tuesday 6 December 2011