Group of happy people sailing on boat, one in wheelchair

Happy International Day of People with Disability!

3 December is International Day of People with Disability.Around the world, it is marked and celebrated by discussions, forums, campaigns and events that acknowledge the great ability and contributions of people with disability.International Day of...
Saturday 3 December 2016

Disability discrimination tops complaints list

New data shows the Australian Human Rights Commission was asked to investigate 2,013 complaints under Federal anti-discrimination law in 2015-16, down from 2,388 complaints lodged in the previous year.Alleged discrimination under the Disability...
Monday 7 November 2016

Access to justice denied for people with disability

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alastair McEwin has expressed disappointment at a High Court decision that last week found a deaf woman had not been discriminated against when she was denied an opportunity to serve on a jury.In 2012, Gaye...
Thursday 13 October 2016
Alastair McEwin

Commissioner launches national consultations for people with disability

People with disability around Australia are being asked by Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alastair McEwin to provide him with guidance on what they think his priorities should be during his five-year term.In a video statement, Commissioner...
Tuesday 4 October 2016
Willing to Work Report (2016) - cover image - people in street around workplaces

Willing to Work: national report released

Too many older people and people with disability are denied jobs because of discrimination based on age or disability.Speaking today at the launch of Willing To Work, Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan warned that people in...
Monday 2 May 2016