Make Australia Work: Working women deserve better (2009)

In times of crisis, our true character comes to the fore. Some panic. Others freeze. Those who survive best remain calm and seize the opportunities to innovate. In the long term, they are usually better for the experience.
Friday 30 January 2009
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Opinion Pieces - Bikies had no answer as blind justice took over (2009)

FOR BABY boomers who have kids, part of summer holiday long drives is the time for telling exaggerated stories of derring-do from one's youth. One such story popped into my head as we drove past the dog sitting on the tucker box at Gundagai on our...
Friday 23 January 2009

Opinion Pieces - Now might be the right moment for native title (2009)

Fifteen years ago it was a different world for most Australians. But for Indigenous Australians, not enough has changed when it comes to recognition and protection of our rights to country and culture.
Wednesday 14 January 2009

Act closed wounds but not the gap (2009)

In 1994, phone numbers had seven digits, we listened to Crowded House, and it was legal to own a semi-automatic rifle. Mother And Son and A Country Practice disappeared from television screens, and The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert...
Wednesday 7 January 2009

Preventing injustice before it can happen – Let’s bring human rights home (2008)

What sort of Australia do we want to live in? I'm quite sure most people, like me, would say they want to live in a society where respect for the individual is recognised as precious. Where everyone is valued, whether they are male or female, young...
Wednesday 10 December 2008

Don Dunstan Oration (2008)

People often ask me why I feel so strongly about human rights. Perhaps it is fate - both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I were born 60 years ago. But I think it is simpler than that - I want to feel proud of the Australia that I live...
Friday 28 November 2008

Maternity leave scheme is a must (2008)

It would be a baffling about face. In a business climate that calls for decisions that will provide our country with some form of economic certainty and optimism, paid maternity leave is precisely a policy for our times. Not only will it improve...
Sunday 23 November 2008

Maternity leave is a must (2008)

Tough economic times call for tough business decisions. Decisions made now to strengthen our country’s productivity and market competitiveness will be among the most important of our time. This is precisely the reason why we must stay committed to...
Friday 21 November 2008

Opinion Pieces - Scrutinising our counter-terrorism laws (2008)

In 2006, I was a member of the Government-appointed Sheller Committee, which recommended the establishment of an independent review of counter-terrorism laws.
Thursday 6 November 2008

Implementing Change (2008)

As a Northern Territorian, an elder from the Kungarakan tribal group and a member of the Iwaidja tribal group, the announcement of an emergency intervention into Northern Territory communities in June 2007 had particular significance for me. 
Friday 24 October 2008