Launch of WorkCover South Australia Disability Action Plan

I am very happy to be here today. Not just because South Australia was my home for some years, as many of you know, but to recognise initiatives here in social justice and access for people with disabilities. There is a tradition here of innovative...

Law Seminar 2007: Stolen Wages - The Way Forward by Robynne Quiggin

I'd like to begin by acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, the Gadigal people. I would also like to acknowledge elders and colleagues here today, Senator Trood, Johnathon Hunyor, and to thank President Von Doussa for...

The End in the Beginning: Re(de)finding Aboriginality: Dodson (1994)

I don't care how hard it is. You build Aboriginality or you get nothing. There's no choice about it. If our Aboriginal people cannot change how it is among themselves, then the Aboriginal people will never climb back out of hell. 1

Speech: Launch of the human rights and cultural diversity e-forum (2009)

For those of us passionate about multiculturalism, and who are concerned about racism and related forms of discrimination, we don't need persuading about the urgent need to protect human rights, and to understand cultural diversity.

Access to education: a human right for every child: (2000)

Thank you, Megan McNichol, conference organisers and the Isolated Children's Parents' Association for inviting me to speak at your annual federal conference today.

Pod Rights 2011: Episode 15: Australia new Age Discrimination Commissioner

Graeme Innes: Hello and welcome to Pod Rights, a series of podcasts from the Australian Human Rights Commission.  I’m Graeme Innes the Disability and Race Discrimination Commissioner.  At 45, we become mature age workers.  If we are under 18 we are...

Native Title Reform - Where should we go from here?

Launch of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s special issue of Reform 93 on ‘Native Title’ and inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan Tranby Aboriginal College, 13 Mansfield street,  Glebe NSW

Housing, human rights and sustainability

Thank you especially to Margaret Ward, the previous National Convenor of the network and Amelia Starr the current Convenor for the excellent debate you have nurtured over the past few years between Government, the housing industry and the community.

NSW Midwives Conference

The Truly Oldest Profession: Facing Future Challenges Speech by Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward at the NSW Midwives Conference, 25 July 2003. Thank you Hannah for inviting me to speak to you today. I would...

Lifelines: Sex Discrimination over the lifecycle (2009)

I have been the Sex Discrimination Commissioner for two years now and during this time I have met countless inspirational women and men from all walks of life. Many of these have been Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.