Thursday 19 May 2016

Commission welcomes 3 new appointments

New Commissioners: Dr Kat Patterson, Alistair McEwin and Edward Santow
From left to right: Dr Kay Patterson, Alastair McEwin and Edward Santow


The Commission is pleased to welcome new appointments to the Age, Disability and Human Rights portfolios.

Dr Kay Patterson will become the Age Discrimination Commissioner while Mr Alastair McEwin will become the Disability Discrimination Commissioner. Susan Ryan, who is currently the Commissioner for both Age and Disability Discrimination, will step down in August.

Edward Santow will become Human Rights Commissioner. This position was vacated by Tim Wilson in February.

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National Congress funding


From left to right: Gerry from SNAICC, Drey (andreas) from congress, Rod Little (congress) Patrick Dodson, Tamara Giles (congress) Geoff Scott (congress)

From left to right: Gerry from SNAICC, Drey (andreas) from congress, Rod Little (congress) Patrick Dodson, Tamara Giles (congress) Geoff Scott (congress)


The Close the Gap Campaign has called on all political parties to commit to funding the national representative body for Australia’s First Peoples.

National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples is a crucial member of the Close the Gap Campaign and performs a critical role in advocating for health equality in Australia.

Prior to the Federal Budget, the Close the Gap Campaign released a position paper calling on Government to make Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health a priority, and to provide funding surety for the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples.

For more information or to view the Close the Gap Campaign Budget Position Paper visit

Revealed: extent of age and disability discrimination at work

Willing to work

The much anticipated report into employment discrimination against older Australians and Australians with disability, Willing to Work, is now online.

Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan, hopes to see a speedy adoption of the report’s 56 recommendations.

“This Inquiry report is an historic first in terms of the scope and range of issues addressed. We have never had such a clear or detailed national picture of what happens to older workers and those with disability in the labour market,” said Commissioner Ryan.

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Calls to end LGBTI phobia

LGBTI flag


The date marks the decision by the World Health Organisation on 17 May 1990 to declassify ‘homosexuality’ as a mental illness.
‘This year’s theme of mental health and wellbeing, provides us with an important opportunity to reflect on the serious consequences of biphobia, homophobia and transphobia on mental health’, said Commission President, Professor Gillian Triggs.
The Australian Human Rights Commission is committed to working closely with key stakeholders to end discrimination and harassment against LGBTI people and to promote initiatives focussed on reducing the unacceptably high rates of anxiety and depression experienced by LGBTI Australians.

Rights Talk: 2016 Australians of the Year

RightsTalk 1 June 2016 Australians of the Year and Gillian Triggs

Following the success of last year’s Australian of the Year event at Town Hall, we’re putting it on again.
The evening on Wednesday June 1  will be introduced by President Gillian Triggs, broadcast on ABC News 24 and hosted by ABC’s Julia Baird.

The panel includes David Morrison, 2016 Australian of the Year; Elizabeth Broderick, former Sex Discrimination Commissioner and NSW Australian of the Year; Julian McMahon, Victorian Australian of the Year; and Nic Marchesi, Young Australian of the Year.

The event begins at 6 pm sharp at Sydney Town Hall. Tickets are free but spaces are limited so please register at the link below:

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